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Here's a little film

2011-02-11 06:52:46 by RainbowClub

We made it for a competition about watches. Watch it.
http://en.eyeka.com/video/view/1042246 -Round-the-Clock

Here's a little film


2011-02-04 13:48:17 by RainbowClub

Hey. We'd like to thank all you kids and cats for helping our film Stranglewank get to 100,000 views. This marks a small but all-important step towards ending the spread of HIV via cake consumption once and for all.

Thank you.


We entered a competition

2011-01-28 06:37:33 by RainbowClub

Our video is about water and it's fucking serene.

http://en.eyeka.com/video/view/1037398 -Deep-Relaxation
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